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Red Dot Kitchen Bak Kua

Being a big foodie, I invited one of the engineers, literally, who created Little Red Dot Kitchen. They sell naturally produced Bak Kua (or Bak Kwa), which is a kind of Chinese barbeque jerky. Learn more about their Bak Kua (I write it as either Bak Kuaⁿ or Bak kNua) and how these engineers started this business.

Also find out more about how methodically they tested and came up with their recipe.

They have the regular Bak Kua, Lite Bak Kua, and even, Turkey Bak Kua, which is surprisingly good. Learn more about all these bak kua in this week’s podcast.

From now until May 8, 2011, there’s a code at checkout (when you’re about to check out, look for the yellow tag to redeem the discount code.


Enter the code on orders over 1 pound, and get 10% off, good until May 8, 2011.

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Please let me know how you like them.


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