Ongline #424 Boo! It’s Brenda! Again!

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Brenda Boo is here to talk about how she got into podcasting. How he met Eric Boo. Find out why she said she’s bitter. How can someone who thinks she’s bitter be so sweet? (Think bittersweet chocolate) Yum!

Brenda’s shows:

Hello Again It’s Brenda Boo

Life on the Shit List or LOTSL (iTunes friendly)

I think she’s smart, witty, creative, and eloquent. See if you agree after this show.

It’s Halloween week!

Today, you have Brenda Boo! Just her name is Halloween and spooky enough.

Tuesday, TurhipHed is here to talk about his experience with the supernatural and paranormal.

Wednesday, Scott from Satyrsphere is here to share his ghosts encounters

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