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Back to normal Part 2

Then, there’s this, a continuation from my first one.

(2) Ongline Podcast

I really hope this would get to all my friends and family, and even just regular Podcast listeners out there. I know my target audience is very specific due to the language choices I made for my Podcast show. But, hey, that’s the true reflection of who I am. That’s the whole point of Ongline Podcast.

I hope soon, I’ll be producing the show in my home studio rather than over the phone. Bare with me. Thanks!

First AudBlog

My first audblog here on my own blog.
I’m exploring the possibility of turning my audioblog into my own Podcast show. Something that I have been wanting to do for a while. But never good enough and have enough money. But with podcasting, I can actually start doing my own audio programming with what I already have.
Once the tech side is up and ready, I can go into actually producing the show.
But before it turns into a show, the post would just be me calling into and leave my thoughts.

Here’s my first audblog (techically second, the first one was a test):
Ongline Podcast