Ongline #260 Fasting or Eating?

by | Feb 4, 2008 | Podcast | 7 comments

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Busy February. Chinese New Year. Ash Wednesday. Singing all weekend. Podcamp Midwest. New York City here I come. Tired of iTunes reviews.

Podcamp Midwest

Arthur’s AmeriNZ Podcast Peter & PinoyBoy


  1. Arthur (AmeriNZ)

    Of COURSE I listen–apparently everyone in the world does, too!

    Seriously, thanks for addressing the question, and what you said made perfect sense. But my favourite part? That would be you saying “Talk about me! Talk about me!”

    Anyway, I love your show. I just never commented before because, you know, once you start you just gotta keep going!

  2. greg b

    Ugh. Instant turnoff for me when podcasters constantly nag for Itunes reviews. While I find nothing wrong with reminding listeners that the ability to leave reviews is there and where to find them, the nonstop begging (which I’ve heard a lot of recently) drives me nuts. Speaking of which, I need to leave some reviews for my favoriate podcasts – on my list of “to do’s” this week.

    Anywhhay, I’ll let you know if I can make it to Johnny’s as the date draws closer. Have a good Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Chinese New Year kinda week.

    greg b.

  3. Archerr

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the iTunes reviews. I wasn’t paying attention to it at all and then all these podcasters started talking about it so I HAD to go and look. I have a good number. I decided to go ahead and leave comments for all my podcasting friends. However, you don’t need to leave me a review. I know you love me and my show. 🙂

  4. John Ong

    Arthur, oh I’m so glad you listen. I like the sound on your show.

    Greg, hope to see you there. And I agree, I think it’s easy to over hawk for votes and reviews.
    Now, I’ve gotta go check on it more often. Good job on “anywHHay”.

    Archerr, you’re so sweet. And you are right, I rove you and your show.

  5. Nick Thomas

    Cool to hear you are sharing your experience with others at Podcamp Midwest. You inspired me way back when and even today. You are personal journal podcasting perfection John Ong. iTunes? I recently discovered that my old dead feed is still listed in iTunes. I’m doing my best to have it removed. I don’t wish to be in iTunes anymore. It isn’t important to me now how many ppl listen to my podcast and it definitely isn’t important to me to get reviews, good or bad. I do like comments, good or bad. In fact, a challenging comment is a very welcome thing. John, there are very few TRUE personal journal podcasts out there. You are one of the best. Oh, for those of you who live in a Super Tuesday State . . . remember to VOTE. Obama 08!!!

  6. Arthur (AmeriNZ)

    John, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve announced I’m dropping the iTunes obsession. I’m in recovery now, wish me luck. Thanks for the comment on the sound, which I’m trying to improve. I LOVED the sound with your H2–made me wish I’d gotten that instead of the Edirol R1.

    You’re an inspiration!

  7. Hadi

    Hi John…Can’t take the credit for Aussie Bear – my hubby is a recluse and I myself am a little shy to leave a single voicemail. I am intrigued though as to who this person is as you are?

    Gong Xi Fa Cai my friend…lets share some oranges!

    Great show by the way and as always a fan! Poop or no poop!

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