I think I have already put on 5 lbs. This is only the second day. The only thing you do here is eat. We literally ate three meals within the first six hours. I did go run-walk at the gym last night before midnight.

While we’re talking about fat. Here’s another fat face for you. I’m anticipating to put on at least 10 lbs within these 7 days. Argghh!

I paid $0.55 per minute just to get connected with the ones I missed – you. Of course my hubby.

And my Penang Hokkien site was hijacked twice. I hope it’s no longer a problem today. I have spent many of my online minutes here on the ship fixing that damn mess the hijackers left me.
Today, we’ll be on the ship for the entire day. Tomorrow afternoon, I think around 2PM, we’ll be arriving in Juneau. Should have more pictures by then.

Fat ship

Being the fatty that I am, I’m among the thinnest and youngest compared to the other passengers. Some hot crews, but not too many of them. There internet manager is hot, but sorta looked like he just ate shit. Sour pussy face. He’s so into whatever he’s doing on the computer that he’d talk to you without any eye contact. I saw him at the gym, nice body. But his sour pussy face sorta ruined everything. So sad when he’s handsome. What a waste.
I’m pre-writing everything so that I don’t have to waste the time typing. Felt like the old dial-up days, especially in Malaysia. Every minute counts.
Okay, will post later, if I have more minutes. Hopefully the hijackers won’t make me do more work online while I’m on the cruise ship. Bye!