Parents: Please don’t let your children go through this

Parents: watch this video. If you have a gay child or suspect you have a gay child, please don’t let them come to this.

You have to tell them clearly that it doesn’t matter if they’re gay, they’ll be loved exactly the same. Otherwise they have no one to turn to when they hear mean things about them or being called names. Jonah may not be gay. But what if he is? What about those gay kids out there?

Don’t wait for your children to come to you to tell you they are gay. They are probably afraid that you won’t accept them. Say it. Clearly to them. You will love them just the same. Straight or gay. So they don’t have to go through what Jonah has to.
It broke my heart watching this video.

If after watching this video, you’re thinking about how to face your relatives that your son or girl is gay, then you forgot to put your children’s needs before your own pride.

If you are can’t play it on your iOS devices or Android, try this MP4 direct link: WATCH VIDEO HERE (if you don’t have Flash)

Here’s a link to Jonah’s response to his video yesterday.

Rosie Vest Confession

I started creating a page on my hidden website about my Rosie Vest because I wanted the audience department to pick me to be in the audience of Rosie’s new show in Chicago.

I didn’t want to do it on Ongline because I was slightly embarrased about this. After buidling the page using iWeb, I decided I should own up to my pass. I’m not sure if I’m more embarrassed about the denim vest, the rhinestones, my Rosie obsession, or all the above. I’ll let you decide.

Here’s the link to the hidden “shame“.

Visit Malaysia


Hello to all the Ongline followers. If you listen to me regularly, you’ll know that I’m on my way back to Malaysia to visit my family and friends.

I am hoping to be able to a show or two out from Malaysia.

In the meantime, please follow me on Twitter @JohnOng. I’ll be tweeting up a storm. Including food pictures I’m sure.

To those in Penang, I’ll see you there.

Thanks for all the well wishes.

Ongdo (ONG-DOH)

I know I have been away from my podcast friends for a while. I just have been too busy to find the energy to record a show. I hope you’re still around when i come back.

But tonight, I want to update all my online friends with my change of hairstyle. Almost everyone said something about new hair. I think it must be a drastic change that everyone commented on it.

A few people told me it’s very “Mondo”. I had to finally look up who Mondo was. It’s not exactly it, but I can see why people think so. So, in honor of the supposedly talented Mondo from Project Runway, I’m naming my hair Ongdo. Not Ong-do (ONG-DOO), but Ongdo (ONG-DOH).



I hope you’ll still be around when I come back from my break. I hope very soon.

Sharing my life with Ramble Redhead

The one and only Ramble Redhead asked me to chat with him on his podcast.
I agreed.

We had a great chat about my coming out, relationships, and more.

The first of two parts is already out. The second part is coming out in a few days.

Head over to and listen to our conversations.

p/s: Thank you Tom for the opportunity.

Busy with my New Love

Well, I did it. I caved and bought myself iPad.
Not that you didn’t know about this already, I just couldn’t resist.
I’m still hoping to post a show this week, but today I’m too busy playing with my new love.
I’m also starting a little meme here on Ongline. If you have iPad, put a picture of yourself holding iPad in the iPad.

(Thank you, Jarno! BTW, this is posted completely from my iPad.)


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