Ongdo (ONG-DOH)

I know I have been away from my podcast friends for a while. I just have been too busy to find the energy to record a show. I hope you’re still around when i come back.

But tonight, I want to update all my online friends with my change of hairstyle. Almost everyone said something about new hair. I think it must be a drastic change that everyone commented on it.

A few people told me it’s very “Mondo”. I had to finally look up who Mondo was. It’s not exactly it, but I can see why people think so. So, in honor of the supposedly talented Mondo from Project Runway, I’m naming my hair Ongdo. Not Ong-do (ONG-DOO), but Ongdo (ONG-DOH).



I hope you’ll still be around when I come back from my break. I hope very soon.

5 thoughts on “Ongdo (ONG-DOH)”

  1. Totally different look, John, but honestly I like the spikey hair more.

    I’m glad you’re giving yourself a break, but this time be sure to take a very looong time off. I meant give yourself time to rest and do some other things you missed doing.

    Enjoy girl, i will be right here waiting.

  2. Lookin’ good as always John. We miss you desperately! What’s going on in your life? Sending you best thoughts.

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